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06 Abdelkrim Al Khatabi, Alger (Algiers) - ALGERIA

About Us

A law firm with a passion for success

Dr. Ahcene Boulesbaa holds high academic qualifications from an Algerian university, a Master’s Degree from the Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University in comparative law, a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School in the United States of America, and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, England in International Law.

The office provides legal advice to foreign governments and companies in Algeria in international law and Algerian law including foreign investment agreements, dispute resolution related to foreign investments, international arbitration, Algerian corporate law, banking and banking operations law, labor law, and Algerian customs law.

Prof. Ahcene Boulesbaa has gained extensive experience since 1992 in complex cases involving all branches of law during his work with several entities in the United Arab Emirates in the field of academia – Professor of International at the United Arab Emirates University – and Practice including the General Counsel of Ports and Customs – Dubai – and City International Office in cooperation with Salans Advocates and International Legal Consultants.

  • Aiming at the spirit of the twenty-first century, Dr. Ahcene Boulesbaa’s office aims to be the natural partner of tomorrow’s investor.
  • Anticipating changes and adapting to developments is our way to be the closest to your concerns by putting at your disposal immediate solutions in a rapidly changing world.
  • With our commitment to being the closest, we are also committed to being the most listening to you and the most distinguished in our advice.
  • In a world where the idea has become the real wealth, we decided to establish a strategic partnership with you in which you get the best ideas and advice.
  • While we attach special importance to external variables and their impact on the interests of local Algerians and international investors, we seek to be a bridge between local privacy and global changes.
  • Our Legal Services is an opportunity for you to be more distinguished and stay at the top of the most advanced century in the history of humanity.
  • Some may wonder what distinguishes Dr. Ahcene Boulesbaa’s office from other offices other than the novelty of the vision?
  • The answer is that the novelty of the vision has led us to adopt a message that is no less modern and breaks with the classical view that links law and conflict.
  • In the field of legal services, the classical approach is based on the idea of solving the problems, while our approach is based on the idea of preventing the problems before the problems occur.
  • Our mission is to deliver you the best solutions in the fastest time for all situations.
  • Our self-satisfaction can only be achieved if we secure the solution, the whole solution and nothing but the solution.
  • A culture of anticipating problems is our guarantee to provide you with solutions that avoid conflicts, protect your interests and even strengthen you against your competitors.
Our Philosophy

Dr. Ahcene Boulesbaa puts the interest of clients above all considerations, as the interest of clients comes first among the priorities of the office’s work, and their legal work is implemented as soon as possible and in accordance with the best practices in the legal profession while maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information and ensuring that there is no conflict of interest.

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